Tracker Dogs

If you feel you’ve run out of options with searching for your lost dog visually. Then it might be time to bring in a expert with a tracker dog and a good reputation of success.

Tracking is for speciality trained dogs and people who can  demonstrates a dog’s natural ability to recognise and follow a scent.

With tracking ,a dog is completely in charge, for only he knows how to use his nose to find and follow the track.

What You’ll Need For This To Work

 A tracker dog needs a scent article to start from, this is the lost dogs scent that the dog will home in on,its very important that you get hold of these before other dogs get access to them or someone moves or launders them. Find your scent article from this suggested list and bag it immediately in a zip lock or freezer bag.
  • A towel you use to dry your dog, the more well used the better and obviously needs not to have been washed
  • Sheets or bean bag from your dogs bed, assuming its not shared with any other dog otherwise this wont work.
  • Your Dog brush  or de-tangler  it must have only been used on the missing dog and have its hairs attached.
  • A blanket you use on the car seat or travel cage.
  • If the dogs sliped its lead and collor keep these safe they may work if you have nothing else.


Bag these items as soon as possible in a clean sealed bag, preferable a freezer bag but any clean bag and put it somewhere cool, like the freezer for example.

Insurance Policy

A message from the guys at K9 Search Dogs

“One of the biggest problems we encounter when being asked to search for a dog from multiple dog families is having a scent article that is unique to just the one (lost) dog. Therefore we suggest to all dog owners with multiple dogs, to do this simple procedure every 6 months. it takes just a matter of minutes and could be the difference between a lost and found dog. Even if you only have one dog, we still recommend doing this as it helps a lot in times of emergency if the scent article is available from the outset.

Make a scent article for each dog in your household. Take a 4″X4” sterile gauze pad, (available from any chemist or 1st aid supplies) and rub it all over one dog (mouth, ears, hind quarters, between toes, entire body til it’s captured some fur); put gauze pad in a heavy duty ziploc bag with dog’s name, and date; seal it and place in freezer.
Or why not do it the “easy way” and purchase one of our “scent kits” from our online shop and you can even view the video on how to make a scent article with our swab kit by clicking here


Dog Tracking Contacts

Here you'll find all known dog tracking contact's around the country with links to their pages and contacts.
Area CoveredPhotosService ProvidedContact/WebsiteFacebook/ Twiiter
UK Wide subject to availability Trained Beagles tracker dogK9TrackerFacebook
Devon Trained Tracker DogsK9 Search Dogs UKFacebook
Norfolk but will travelTrained Czechoslovakian Wolfdog K9 TrackingFacebook

Do you offer a Dog tracker service in your area? send your details here and we will add you to the directory.

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