Can You Offer Help Or Services?

We’ve got lots of exciting plans to help dog owners quickly find the right resources to help them recover a lost dog. There are lots of great websites that share lost dog information but we felt, with our experience with our own dog, that there was simply a lack of easily and quickly accessible information about available services in your area. (Skip to Sign Up Form)

Imagine the process of losing your dog, especially in an unfamiliar area, the first thing you’re going to do is spend a few hours looking for it on your own, then as time go’s by you start think about reporting your dog lost. At that point you’ll realise there’s no emergency service for lost dogs, and then expectation is for you to recruit help and mount your own rescue. 

We learnt from our experience with our dog Cherry, that the most important information wasn’t readily available in one place but we were fortunate enough to have people with time and access to the internet and a phone, to find what we needed, whilst the rest of our family continued the physical search on the ground, but despite the mammoth level of support, it still took 5 days before we had all the organisations in place to rescue her.

We want to change that, your dog going missing is a traumatic time the last thing you need to be doing is adding to your stress by simply not being able to get help quickly and easily.

We aim to provide a great data base of the goto people in each area of the country , and so to achieve that we need a broad spread of skills and services, we need casual volunteers and paid help.

As a Business

Register your business using our contact form at the bottom of the page and we will create you a free listing on our site for the service or area you cover, there’s no catches.

Services Required

  • Printers– people will need wanted posters printing, these are usual simple photo, description and contact details printed on standard A4 paper. if you can offer a printing service in your area then please register.

  •  Drone Pilots– we need drone pilots with licences to cover area’s that are difficult or dangerous to reach on foot, examples would be to search along a cliff or ravine edge, if you have a thermal camera on your drone these have proved beneficial in finding dogs, but any good drone with a camera is capable of achieving good results.


  • Dog Trapping- can you provide experienced dog trapping services or equipment and guidance? to help timid dogs come back out of hiding.

  • Veterinary Services- vets should register with us especially those who provide 24hr help as many found dogs will need at least a heath check once they have been recovered


As a Volunteer

Register as a casual volunteer and we promise we will never share your details with anyone unless you specifically request us to, we will send you an email based on your location, of anyone in your area that is requesting help, its up to you to respond or not. Don’t feel you need to commit to be on call as such, we simply need as many people in each area as possible to increase the likelihood that someone will be available on any given day.

Our lost dog owner we cover basic refreshments throughout the search, and can offer to cover your travel expenses ( to be agreed beforehand)

Some idea’s are.

  • Distributing (supplied) posters around the lost dogs area
  • co-coordinating or leading a search party
  • Manning a Facebook site
  • Loan of waterproof clothing and equipment, torches, spades  ( for digging out rabbit holes) etc
  • Communications manning the phone. Calling around Rspca centres, dog wardens, local kennels, informing local Farmers (especially during lambing)
  • Providing refreshments
  • Being a responsible Drone Pilot
  • Helping out as part of a Caving or Mountaineering club
  • Provide help with tracker dogs or blood hounds
  • Provide Local knowledge of the landscape and area.

Love Jasmine xxx


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