Professional Drone Services

If you think a drone might help you then here’s our list of professional drone operators. The professional drone operators in the main will have better equipment than some of the volunteers, but will require a fee.

The situation in which a drone might be useful would be, for example, looking into an area where a human cannot, such as around a cliff edge or ravine, over an area of Gorse bushes, or over a boggy area.
Basically if you can’t get safely or easily into these places on foot then that’s when a Drone will be of the most use to your search.

It goes along nicely with the next most important rule, in that a drone cannot overfly a person (ever) or property (without permission).

Therefore terrain that the public are allowed access to but cannot easily be searched on foot are the best situations in which you can safely utilise a drone without falling foul of the law.

Our Articles here will help clarify if a drone will be of use 1.Can a drone help me find my dog. and 2. Drone Usage and the Law 

Professional Drone Services

Area Based InCompany Name and
link to website
Contact Detail's
UK WideDrone ProTel 07764151866 or Contact Form
West CountryHigh DroneTel 07764151866
North EastSky Motion
Landline 01914175581
Mobile 07740966224
HertfordshireSA DronesContact Form

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