Map of Lost Dog Services

This map is in beta testing any problems or errors please add in the comment below.

If you have registered to Volunteer then please put in your postcode and locate yourself, you are identified by Number starting with a V22 or your postcode and your initial, this is so we can link you back to our database and your email address without revealing your identity.

The Volunteer Area’s

We set off with the intention of splitting the country up into smaller areas than we have settled upon, but we soon realised it was impossible task, what do we do with people living on a border? or a mile outside a common lost dog area? so we have split the country up roughly into counties, sometimes we have split the county’s up into north,south east and west such as in Yorkshire, and sometimes we’ve split the country’s up likewise such as Central Scotland, South Wales, as we move forward were sure some of these may change and if you have any practical idea’s of your own then please comment below.

Known Issues.

When we added some of the early Volunteers we couldn’t get the postcode lookup to work so we dropped you somewhere in the middle of the area you live in, shortly you will receive a test email which will describe the area we have listed you in. This may in some circumstances be the wrong area so please email us and we will correct it,

If the map doesn’t display properly then refreshing the page seems to work, we’re working on a solution.