Request Help To Find Your Dog

You’ve come here from our map so you’ll have an idea of the kind of available volunteers in your area, but don’t worry if you didnt see any we may still be able to find you help.

We’re adding to the site all the time and are building links to other established groups so complete the form and let us go to work.

Our aim isn’t to compete with other groups more to consolidate the information available therefore as time goes on we will add other established groups from other sites to our maps and point you in their direction, all we want is that you find your beloved dog.

Things To Do First Before Filling In This Form

  1. Register your dog with we wont start a request for help where you haven’t done this first
  2. Drop A pin in a mapping application on your phone or take a photo of a map indicating the search area.
  3. Can we assume at this point that you have exhausted looking for the dog yourself? we understand if theres a reason you haven’t been able to search yourself, but let us know in the form
  4. Make a plan of where you want to search for the dog, look at a map and make a plan, time place and route.

For a full guide on how best to get your dog found quickly see here


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