About DogLost.

The first place you should register your lost dog, is here at dog lost

DogLost helps reunite thousands of missing dogs with their owners every year. In the past 12 years, we have assisted more than 70,000 owners and helped reunite nearly 55,000 dogs.

DogLost is run almost entirely by volunteers and we charge no fees for our services. It is an extraordinary tale of one woman’s devotion to being a dog lover. Jayne Hayes set up the website to reunite missing pets with their owners after her own Miniature French Bulldog was stolen. Realising how little help was available for owners she set about providing help for others in the same position.

Nowadays, DogLost boasts more than 100 official area co-ordinators and volunteers who are supported by thousands of helpers. Countless owners who have got their dogs back after a mammoth effort say they only carried on using the strength they were given by DogLost volunteers.

DogLost is proud of the partnerships it has built with dog wardens, the police, rescue centres, animal welfare organisations and Petlog. These partnerships have seen incredible ‘against the odds’ reunions, as staff from these organisations check dogs they have found or had surrendered to them against the database.

DogLost also works in partnership with Halo Scanners and any dog registered with DogLost will be automatically flagged up as missing wherever it is scanned with a Halo.

Their work has been recognised by the International Fund for Animal Welfare, Dog World newspaper and Dogs Today magazine and is funded entirely by donation.

They are also considered to be the country’s leading authority on dog theft and we are usually the first port of call for the national media.

More recently we have sought to influence change in the area of dog theft by forming the Stolen and Missing Pets Alliance with other organisations. Their are also members of the Associate Parliamentary Group on Animal Welfare and the Microchipping Alliance.



DogLost is a national community of thousands of dog owners and volunteers like you, helping to reunite lost dogs with their owners. It’s FREE to join – then you’ll be able to register lost and found dogs, helping to reunite them with their owners. They also provide:

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  • A printable poster for each dog that can be put up in your area
  • A page for each lost or found dog, where news and support can be shared
  • Email alerts for lost dogs in and around your postcode
  • Other news of lost pets and relevant events
  • Connections to help you share news of lost dogs on social media
  • Links to a microchip scanning service used by vets and wardens, to ensure your pet is returned as soon as possible
  • …and more benefits coming soon!

DogLost is a volunteer organisation, so they always appreciate DONATIONS that help us to help even more dogs in distress.

Once you done this see our social media guide to the best sites to spread the message on Facebook

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