Dog Trapping Services

Some dogs are naturally shy, especially those who were not well socialised to humans as puppies. Dogs raised in puppy mills and hoarding situations are the most difficult to recover. They will bolt in panic when startled, or escape at the first opportunity when faced with a stressful situation. They may run for several miles before slowing down. And then, they will avoid human contact, running away from anyone who tries to approach.

However, even well-socialized dogs may instinctively go into “survival mode” after finding themselves separated from their owners for a period of time. While in this state of mind, dogs perceive all humans as threats. It’s not uncommon for a dog to flee even from his own family.

To recover a skittish dog, it’s often necessary to catch it in a live trap. There are many commercial models of traps designed to catch animals without hurting them. They are typically the size of a dog crate or kennel and are triggered when the dog is lured far enough into the trap to step on a pressure plate, releasing a mechanism that causes the door to slam shut.

Dog Trapping Contacts

Here you'll find all known dog trapping contact's around the country with links to their pages and contacts.
Area CoveredName Service ProvidedContact/WebsiteFacebook/ Twiiter
UK Wide subject to availability Proving help and equipment to trap nervous dogsContact The Team Here.Facebook

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