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My Name’s Jasmine,This Is My Story And Why I Started This Site

This is Cherry, she was a rescue dog and my sister Katinka who works for the RSPCA adopted her with our Dad.

My Dad dotes on Cherry; she’s his reason to get up in the morning, his companion, his motivation to exercise and keep fit.

So when Cherry went missing on a walk on top of a mountain in March 2017 his entire world collapsed.

That first day and night he scoured the mountain until 2am until the cold and hunger forced him to return home without her.

He’d been confident that her cheeky little face would pop up from the grass and say “Hey Dad, I’m here.” But this didn’t happen and now he was terrified; had he lost her forever, would he see her again?

There were many factors that made Cherry’s plight more difficult that night; such as the fog that enveloped the mountain, the driving, freezing rain, the mineshafts, the fissure’s, the rabbit runs, the cliff edges and the raw bleakness of the environment. Many people would have resigned themselves that she couldn’t possibly survive such horrific conditions but not my Dad and my family felt exactly the same way.

The next day my sister was up there, searching with him in the worst conditions imaginable, only coming down when the shaking from cold got too much and within an hour, they’d go straight back up. I live 200 miles away from them and have a toddler so could not physically help with the search but I couldn’t abandon them so I approached some facebook lost dog groups and started up a facebook page in the hope that if she decided to wander down the mountain, someone might see her and return her to my Dad.


We hoped we’d get some help with people keeping a vague eye out for her but thought no one would really care enough to actually help search for her; we couldnt have been more wrong!

The  community, slowly at first and then like wildfire, got on board, shared our plight among  their friends and groups, both locally and  countrywide and offered a level of support we never expected. To cut a very long story short, due to the incredible support of the community, a fantastic climbing club  volunteered to check  the shafts and fissures that were too dangerous for us to go into. We suddenly had mountain rescue on hold, the police helping us, plus fire service and RSPCA, but in the end, the most effective  help came from an unexpected source.

The Facebook followers started to suggest that they would rally around and pay for a helicopter with a thermal imaging camera, if we started a gofundme account. We estimated it would cost at least £1000.

We felt uncomfortable asking strangers to help our little dog and family, but with positive comments coming in fast via the Facebook page and the followers growing all the time, we decided to put up a gofindme Page.

That was at 11pm on a Sunday night and amazingly, by 9.30 am the following morning we’d received not only £1250 in sponsorship but an offer from a local drone company called, “Resource group   – Unmanned Avisation Section,” who said they would try and find Cherry with their drone fitted with a thermal camera.

After 5 days, with groups of people from all walks of life, tirelessly scouring the mountain side, the amazing team from from Resource Group, found her alive and surprisingly well, in the bottom of a hole in only 20 minutes.

Our family were elated and overwhelmed by the response of the community and to our social media campaign. We quickly realised that not everyone has that ability to mount a fast, effective plan and may have given up… in our eyes that wasn’t fair and we want to help those people.

Resource group were simply wonderful with their heat seeking drone and saved the day http://www.resourcegroup.co.uk/

I had never considered lost dogs before – of course, I saw posters and would keep an eye out for them, I knew they should be tagged and microchipped but beyond that I didn’t have a clue. We were incredibly lucky to get just the right support, advice and help at just the right moments, plus a huge amount of luck. We realised although there are many websites you can advertise your lost dog and people who try to help, accessing organisations and facilities can be incredibly tough.

Our aim is to smooth this transition and show you a basic time frame of action and then, what is available in your area and how to get in touch with them. Some things will be free, other methods such as accessing equipment may come with a fee depending on the company/organisation.

We want to reduce your stress and help you focus your efforts in the most effective manner possible. Most importantly we want to reunite these dogs with their families as quickly as possible.

subscribe to our page and help us build this site into the most effective resource in the country for reuniting people with their lost dogs.

Thank you

Jasmine Slingsby


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