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“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world ” Anne Frank

Hi I am Jasmine,

As you can see from my picture I’ve always loved dogs; that’s me with my adored, childhood dog Duffy.

To tell you a little bit about myself; I am a 32 year old full time Mum to one extremely busy toddler, am also part time nanny and we live in beautiful Bakewell, Derbyshire.

My family all live in Wales, which is where I grew up. Although my Mum, Dad and I are not officially Welsh as we moved there when I was 4 but we all consider it our home.

After 28 years there my Mum or Dad don’t have the slightest accent, I have, what you might call a twang and my sister (who was born there,) well she’s a fully paid up member more Welsh than Stacy or Nessa. Put us all in the same room and hear her talk and its as if we’re from different family’s; a fact she used to tease her with when we were younger telling her she was adopted as apart from the accent we have completely different noses, courtesy of a push bike accident when I was 5 where I smashed my face in and lost the tip of my nose somewhere on the hillside, in other words I’ve had a nose job.

My beautiful sister Katinka left and thats me Jasmine on the right

Mum and dad are divorced but you’d consider them great friends, and the fact that when they separated they didn’t dream of moving from Wales shows their love of the country too and my Mum now runs an Eco Bed And Breakfast with her new partner Paul. To show what sort of friendship they have when Cherry my Dads dog went missing it was Alexzander my mum he called and she didn’t hesitate to help, Its lovely that they can still be like that and Pauls a great guy for supporting it.

My Mum And Paul outside their beautiful bed and breakfast http://www.calonholidays.com/

Our family have always loved and appreciated the countryside,walking and  animals, my sister especially, she works for the RSPCA in Newport and has always had at least one cat or dog, my Mum and her partner Paul have a dog too, he’s also a rescue dog and hes called Sooty..

My Dad with my 1/2 sister and brother petting a goat

Myself well after leaving university with a degree in fashion and art I decided to put them both to no use at all and travel around the world as a children’s Nanny, I had intended to go onto design Children’s clothes as a career and 10 years later, well I am still a Nanny although now very part time, as I have my own 18 month old toddler to look after,

Pet wise, well I’ve sadly not had the opportunity to have my own pet again, so I appreciate getting to love my dads little dog Cherry when I visit him in Wales or he Visits me in Derbyshire and I can tell you that is one very spoilt dog by everyone in my family and everyone who meets her.

Finley, that’s my toddler below with the Rabbits, well he adores Cherry and as he grows up my partner and I are making sure he appreciate’s and love’s all animals as much as we do.

Missing Cherry

When my Mum called me with the news that Tinka and Dad had lost Cherry on the Mountain near his house, on a walk they did regularly,I was worried for the dog but also for the state of mind of my dad and my sister.

I knew they wouldn’t settle until they found her but the conditions on the mountain had meant they’d  been forced to return home to recoup before heading out again to search for her, and I was sick with worry.

I knew that if they didn’t find her it would have repercussions far beyond that of simple sadness for the dog and so I knew I had to do everything possible to help make sure they got her back.

What happened next and the huge efforts that it took to mobilize not only a search party but an entire community have inspired me to find my niche and use the experience to help others.

If you’re reading this then you’ll know we had unprecedented help and after 5 days happily found her, an although this marked the end of a roller coaster of emotion for not only my family but those people that followed our story worldwide for myself it’s marking the start of a new chapter and the hope that what I helped achieved in a week I can achieve for others in a day and help reunite many more dogs with their family’s.


My Mission

I’ve now have first hand experience not only of how badly the loss of a pet can affect the welfare of a family but of how difficult it can be to get the right sort of help, quickly and cost effectively and feel that suddenly  I now know what to do with my life.

So I’ve started this site and intend to help others reach the same result as we did but in a much  less frantic effort and make not only more success stories but do all I can to help people when the story sadly doesn’t have a happy ending,  Ive some idea’s , I am making a plan with support from all you dog lovers out there I think we can do so much more.

Please subscribe and  ill send you out a weekly newsletter, I promise not to pester you with spam or ask for donations all I ask is for your help with getting the right people in the right locations around the country who are ready to help in some small way when a beloved pet goes missing in your area, I might call you Cherrys army.

Anyway that’s all for now, I look forward to speaking with you all again soon as I grow my venture,

Jasmine xxx

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