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Hidden Beauty of Torrente Arzino – North Italian Mountains from SA Drones on Vimeo.

Were pleased to welcome SA Drones to our list professional drone services, we spoke to Seb Alfano who’s keen to add search and rescue to their portfolio

Jasmine “Whats your more usual line of work?”

Seb  “We love to fly, we do Aerial Photography, 4K high resloution Film, 3D Imaging, surveying and Inspections, but we work on a client by client basis, so therefore if we can do anything Aerial – if the client needs something specific, we will do our best to offer it. – In this case, Search and rescue.

Jasmine Would you say you are  passionate about your work?

Seb Yes that how I guess you’d describe it,  we love to collaborate and we love to create beautiful aerial film and photos. Our passion for what we do flows continuously throughout all projects and we work closely with our clients to achieve stunning results. we have worked with the BBC on the show DIY SOS with the charity CDKL5 Ireland  a children charity , Dream Car Events a Supercar experience and more..

Jasmine “Tell us about the drone you operate?”

Seb “We operate a DJI Phantom 4 its a professional quality drone which unlike cheaper hobby drones can operate for circa 20 minutes and fly in winds of up to 20 mph, it has a high resolution video camera. Being able to see what you’re filming is essential, the drone broadcast’s a live feed to a phone or ipad and it goes where we tell it so we can track a certain track for it to fly along whilst being able to concentrate on the video footage, this is one of the areas in which the DJI Phantom excels which make it perfect for a variety of work including search and rescue”

Jasmine Do you Still use your drone for fun?

Seb “I love flying in general, and don’t have one  favourite thing, but if I had to pick then I do love impressive nature shots”

Jasmine thanks for taking the time to speak to us and welcome to the site.


Before all you volunteer groups shudder at the thought, all professional drone pilots charge for their services. When you take into account their high equipment costs, and the additional training and risk assessments they have to carry out you can understand why. In certain circumstances they may have to seek permissions from land owner and have to report to the Civil Aviation Authority and possibly miss out on other higher paid work whilst looking for your dog.

Special Rates for “Find My Lost Dog” Subscribers

Subscribe to receive our news letter and should you book SA Drones for a dog search they will reduce their standard fees which which normally start at £300 and upwards to just £80 for a 1/2 day service depending on location

To get this rate simply email help@findmylostdog.co.uk and we will give you the current discount code.

They need a £30 non refundable call out deposit paying, this is so that if you find your dog whilst they are on route that they aren’t left out of pocket,.

These are the first professional drone company to have the transparent pricing policy we have been seeking.

Area Covered

Sa Drones are based North London, for his special rate Seb will cover roughly the area shown on the map, he will travel further but will need additional mileage expenses.

If you have any questions about drones see our related drone articles for guidance.

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Send a Screen shot from google maps of the area if possible
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