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So, if you’re wondering what happened to Cherry after her ordeal, you’ll be pleased to know she’s being spoilt rotten and treated like a princess…

Thank you all so much for your lovely messages regarding Cherry and my family. My Dad and Sister have got their lives back; for those five seemingly endless days, we could see only bleakness without her and I honestly believe that my Dad wouldn’t have survived if we hadn’t found her. I think the immediate aftermath was rather overwhelming for us all. Mine and my Sister’s phones didn’t stop ringing, my emails were going crazy, luckily we retained my Dad’s privacy but it was a lot to deal with. We only spoke to one newspaper and it gave us a good insight into the Chinese Whispers of journalism as almost none of them had the true and complete story. Luckily, it’s all forgotten now but in the moment, it was all consuming. Now our lives have resumed and Cherry has returned to her rightful place in the family.

For the first week, Cherry mostly stayed at home – resting, eating and getting her strength back, after that they resumed short walks, gradually increasing them each day, until now, she’s just doing her usual walks. She is adoring being home and her newfound celebrating status. She’s always been a complete dichotomy – she’s a big dog in a small dog’s body, very adventurous and capable but also likes to relax and be carried, extremely clever and easy to train but also, a huge diva who likes nothing more than to be admired and prance around. She’s loved the attention and to be honest, I think she was a bit disappointed Oprah never called! She took part in a photoshoot last week to promote a charity fundraiser; here are two of the photos..

My Dad is spoiling her rotten; taking her on the adventurous walks she enjoys (whilst firmly on a lead!) but carrying her in his coat the second she starts pawing at his leg to say “Daddy, it’s a bit muddy for me here” (she is not a fan of getting dirty!) My Sister has also been doting on her and buying her luxury dog pate and letting her have sleepovers in bed with her, which I’m sure she doesn’t usually do. Cherry’s got no ill effects from her adventure and as time goes on the wounds are healing for us too. We will probably always slightly worry – as time goes on we will have to relax (we believe she had just fallen and not purposely run off) and let her have some freedom on walks but I’m sure if she’s ever not in absolute, direct sight, for those brief seconds, our hearts will pound. Jasmine xxx


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