Your Appeals for Help and Offers of Services; How You Can Help Us Help You

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If you want us to help you then you need to help us with good and accurate information. This is essential especially for our drone pilots who need to do a risk assessment.

The fist thing we need is a map of the area, a screen shot from google maps is perfectly acceptable, a description of the circumstances, A photo of the dog, a description of its temperament and hows its likely to act when approached by strangers are all essential information.

Contact names and phone numbers for the people who can make a decision as to whether or not they want volunteer or paid professional help, this should preferably be the dogs owner.


The Drone Operators.

Here’s the Link the professional drone operators page, remember that the drone operators need to do a risk assessment of the area you are searching and without good information they won’t be able to tell you whether or not they can help nor advice you of an accurate cost.

The volunteers we have at the moment are in South Wales, Cornwall , and Manchester and the North East, and we send them a notification of requests in their area and ask them to respond to confirm if they are able to help, at that point we will ask they contact the owners directly, we need a phone number and a name of a person in charge of the search, but we won’t ask them if we haven’t been given clear and accurate details, nor will will ask them to send Facebook messages or set off just to see, we don’t want them to traipse across the country on a wild goose (dog) chase, as this will result in them declining to help in the future.

If anyone’s reading this and want to get on board and add their professional drone business or Volunteer to help on amateur basis we need your help.

If you haven’t yet got a website then if you want a public presence we are happy to create you your own full page outlining your work, your fees, your contact details and a forum to engage with your customers, even for non dog related work and we will maintain that for you completely free of charge.

Our Volunteer Search Teams.

We are building volunteers at steady rate across the country, but they are not a team in their own right, its up to you to organise them into one. the most effective searches follow a pattern. If we provide the people its up to you to organise the search effectively on the ground.

Our Tracker Dog Services.

See the guide here to what they need to help you

Our Dog Trapping Services.

See the guide here for the trapping team.

Our Help Guide

Our upcoming guide will help with all aspects of organising an effective search and recovery of your dog, this its being written with the help of professional trackers and behaviourists as we wanted it to be good, so subscribe for updates and receive our downloadable guide to organising the search for your missing dog as soon as its ready.

Our Charges and Fees and Our Aim’s

To be clear we won’t be charging anyone for anything we list or provide on our site nor asking for any type of commission, at some point we’ll stick some google adverts on here for dog food or something and charge Bob Martins for that space, but for people needing or giving help and services we simply aim to be place to list your help and service’s, the lost dogs yellow pages if you like.

For dog owners we aim to provide a single place to find the right resources they need in their area without scouring Facebook and google in desperation.

Communication is Key

We are updating the site as fast as we can so please keep signing up for update, if you’re a volunteer we simply send you an email whenever there’s a dog lost in your area and ask you to respond whether on this occasion you can or can’t help and in what way, we never share your name or contact details unless you ask us to.

If you’re providing a professional or expert service then whether you charge a fee or not what we really need is an area of the country you’ll cover, some clear contact details preferably a public email address and hopefully a contact number even if you only share that with ourselves so we can quickly rule your help in or out for the dog owners.

As people who have been in the stressful and desperate position of searching for a loved dog we found that trying to get in contact with people who didn’t respond either positively or negatively added considerably to the frustration, stress and upset of the search for the dog.

What we wanted almost as much as a positive answer, was a ‘no sorry we can’t help’ which would enable us to move onto the next option.

So if you offer your services whether in a paid or voluntary way please remember that the people who have called on you have already exhausted all practical ways of searching for the dog themselves and you are their beacon of hope, so whenever possible please don’t leave them hanging. Trust us they will be as grateful to you for your quick answer as they will be for the actual help they receive.

Thank you.

Jasmine and Phil xxx

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