Drone Usage And The Law

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Can Anyone Fly A Drone?

At the moment, there is nothing to stop you going and buying a drone and taking it out flying, as long as the drone weighs less than 20kg and you are not using it for commercial reasons.

However, you must avoid flying it within 150 metres of a congested area and 50 metres of a person, vessel, vehicle or structure not under the control of the pilot.

That’s probably going to be fine if you’re flying the drone in your back garden, but if you’re in a park, for example, you need to be very careful about making sure you’re not flying it within 50 metres of other people.

Whats you really need is a professional or a good and responsible enthusiast, the chances are that these people will have a much better and more effective drone than you could go and buy at short notice, whilst also obviously being a more effective operator of it.

If you’re reading this and you’re a drone operator anywhere in the country then we need you please email jasmine@findmylostdog.co.uk and tell her at what level you can help i.e paid professional, paid volunteer, or just on a ad hoc basis and we will get in touch.

Safety risk posed by drones

Anyone using a drone for commercial use is also required to seek permission from the CAA. To get a licence you will have to show that you are “sufficiently competent”. If your drone weighs over 20kg then it is only legal to use it in certified “danger areas” such as Parc Aberporth aerodrome in West Wales.

While most of the CAA’s enforcement efforts are focused on preventing people who are not properly licensed from using drones for commercial purposes, there have been cases where the CAA has stepped in and taken action, even when the person in question has been using the drone purely for domestic purposes

Robert Knowles, a man from Barrow-in-Furness in Cumbria, who was convicted in 2014 for ‘dangerous’ use of a recreational drone after he lost control of the aircraft near a nuclear submarine facility.

Mr Knowles was fined £800 and ordered to pay costs of £3,500 at the Furness and District Magistrate court, after being prosecuted by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for flying a drone within 50 metres of the Jubilee Bridge on the Walney Channel and flying over a nuclear installation, the BAE System submarine-testing facility.

The Law

“There is concern here that the use of these devices do pose a safety risk, and there have been incidents in the past year of collisions with other aircraft for example, and planes, involving these drones, so even if it’s domestic use, the CAA will step in if they think it’s being used in a dangerous or risky way,” Ms Annereau a specialist consultant told the Telegraph.

Use The Drone Code.



If you want to get involved and feel there’s a good business opportunity for you to help in these situations and charge a fee then we recommend you attend a course such as those offered by UAVAir.

In Conclusion

Under certain circumstances the use of a drone, might speed up locating a dog or at the least save putting human life at further risk in doing so, we recommend if you feel a drone can help then you contact one of the drone companies we will have listed on this site, remember to subscribe for updates below.

Thanks for reading.

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