What’s In A Name?

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That  picture is Jasmine with her childhood dog Duffy , when she was 7, you can read more about Jasmines biography here.

She started our Facebook page to find one dog, with the sole intention of using it to share information amongst our helpers and spread Cherry’s image far and wide which clearly worked very well for us and for Cherry.
Whilst researching the best lost dog sites on Facebook it’s occurred to me that some of them are actually quite hard to find.
The obvious search terms “Lost Dog”, “find my dog” “missing dog groups”, “lost dogs groups” etc did not actually bring up the most popular sites. Harvey’s Army North have almost 20,000 followers but to find the group you must already know to search “Harvey’s Army”
Therefore my marketing background says we must change the name of our site to match our webite “find my lost dog” as the most important thing is that people can find our page and our website quickly and easily, but my heart is reluctant too.
I will leave the header and profile pictures the same, we will continue to keep you updated of  Cherry’s Story via Jasmine’s  blog which we will share on Facebook and hopefully she’s going to do a video at some point and continue to tell the ongoing adventures of what that wonderful little dog Cherry is up to in new and interesting ways.
The question is as we grow our page to try and help others with practical information and resources will you stay with us on our journey if we change the name of the Facebook page? that’s the the question I am getting to, Jasmine will kill me if get this wrong, so I thought id just ask you plain and simple……..what’s your thoughts? .

Phil, the technically minded one 🙂
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