Where Your Donation’s Went From Cherrys Rescue Appeal.

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I am not sure we even deliberated my son’s name as in depth as these donations have been discussed! We have taken every idea on board and discussed each one in depth; it’s so difficult because every single suggestion had so many worthy reasons to be chosen.

Finally, we have decided to split the money into 6 lots of £200 and 1 lot of £50 (They might work out at slightly less than £200 as I believe Gofundme take a certain amount for admin.) With much difficulty we have decided not to give the money towards one dog’s search, we would love to and I feel incredibly guilty for not, but I have received so many emails and messages regarding lost dogs that I feel it is unfair to choose one over the others, so we are choosing groups who might help many dogs. That way we can help 6 different groups and we have somewhere special for the £50

  • RSPCA Newport – this is where Cherry originally came from. Not only was the branch itself incredibly supportive and helpful in the rescue of Cherry but many of it’s staff helped on the mountain over the five days – they were absolutely on the coal front (especially poor Paul Marchant who fell in a hole with my Dad!) and deserve recognition. We would like the money to go either directly into a project or we’d like to buy toys to help enrich the doggie’s lives.
  •  Gwent Caving Club. They went above and beyond. Sharon Smith, offered incredible support both on the scene and off. I know they are putting together an animal rescue kit. They need some new ropes and if there’s nothing else, they can always put the rest aside for when they do.
  • Hope Rescue. Not only is this a highly regarded centre but they are also helping a dog named Izzy why lots of people are concerned about.
  •  All Creatures Great and Small​, Cwmbran All Creatures Great and Small Animal Sanctuary based in South East Wales has been serving community since 1992. The Sanctuary operates a programme of rehabilitation and re-homing of injured, abused, unwanted and orphaned animals.
    The annual running cost’s of the Sanctuary amount to £250,000. We also rely on public donations of blankets, sheets, towels, cat and dog food.
  • Central Beacons Team, S.A.R.D.A. Wales. Although SARDA weren’t able to rescue Cherry (they had three human call outs that weekend,) Mark Gibbings was incredibly supportive and helpful; there are no guarantees they can help a dog as they understandably have to prioritise humans, but they will help when they can and are real dog lovers. Covering so much more than just mountains, their area of operation includes Cardiff, Newport and the South Wales valleys. they also work closely with other mountain rescue teams in West and Mid Wales and across the English border. They are all unpaid volunteers, responding to 999 emergencies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in any weather. They  rely on donations from members of the public to carry out this essential life-saving rescue service.
  • Gwent Wildlife Trust​. We are so privileged in South Wales to have the beautiful, historic landscapes and rich wildlife that we do. Let’s help sustain them for generations to come.Gwent Wildlife Trust is part of the influential UK-wide partnership of 47 Wildlife Trusts. The Trust has worked for 50 years to protect wildlife, wildlife rich places, and educate, influence and empower people. We manage over 25 of the best areas for wildlife and help others to manage theirs. Through the generosity of our members our work is helping to secure the future of many important habitats and species, which might otherwise be lost.
  • Finally, our mystery £50. There is an absolute hero in Abertillery who deserves to be spoken about and his name is Adrian Davies​. He is an incredible man. He’s got two gorgeous dogs and together they’ve found many pets for people (I think his wife also helps.) The night after Cherry was found he was already out looking for a cat. On the day we heard the yaps, Adrian had only just reached his house after having been up already, I let him know about the yaps and he came straight back up – I think his Sunday lunch might even have been waiting, and then later in the day he came back up again. He never missed a day. Adrian Davies, take your wife for dinner on us – the community, who really appreciate your dedication to lost animals. You’re a diamond.

That’s all the money accounted for. We have to wait a week for the money to become available and then we will have to arrange getting it to these organisations/indiviuals. We don’t have any more money but we want to acknowledge three more people who really deserve a mention – they’re three lads who went up the mountain countless times to look, they even heard her and were there when she was pulled out. They are Daniel Hodges​, Nathan Hodges​ and Dylan Thomas. They’re three diamonds too and we have a lot of respect for you, especially my Dad; he specifically asked that you got the recognition you deserve.

P.S.Let me know if I’ve tagged the wrong people/places!!

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