Cherry’s Rescue Video & Our Continuing Journey

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In this amazing video shot by and featuring Nathan hodges, Daniel hodges and Dylan Thomas ,you can a see that despite being mid afternoon in sunshine, just how difficult is was to see our little black Cherry in the hole she had fallen into, this hole had already been searched before the drone spotted her heat signiture and we hadn’t seen her.

A RSPCA grasper Is used to help bring Cherry to safety and make sure she didn’t disappear further down any unseen hole.

RSPCA inspector Izzi Hignell, who worked on the rescue, said: “We are so relieved that Cherry was found safe and well, and is now back with her family.

“This was a truly remarkable rescue effort, which shows the strength of feeling across the community towards animals, and the importance people attach to keeping them safe.

We worked with so many agencies to help Cherry, and the public response to the campaign to find her is heartening and the ongoing interest simply overwhelming.

Please subscribe to our updates, we are looking for specialist help from all areas of the country to help with future lost dog rescues.

Can You Help?

If you feel you would like to help in your particular area of the country in any one of the following fields then please email to be added to our list and let us know if you concisder yourself as a volunteer or would except payment for your services, we don’t expect anyone to work for free, so we won’t be offended if you indicate a fee.

1.Poster production

2.Physical searching of your area

3.Local knowledge and guidence ,imagine if someone lost their dog whilst on holiday in an unfamiliar area, could you help guide a search?

4.Tracker dogs

5. Guidence on dog behaviour

6.Baby Sitting (so owners can search)

7.Equipment rental or loan ( high powered lamps, warm or waterproof clothing, hi visabilty jackets)

8.Mountain rescue expertise.

9.Drone operators especially infrared equipt.

10.Pot holeing or caveing knowledge.

11.General support such as passing messages or posting to Facebook, calling around for logistical support.

12.Press officer, are you a press officer or reporter that would take an interest in a missing dog story?

We will update this list as we think of new area’s of support or expertise or you our followers suggest them.

email and please subscribe below for our updates and newsletter.

Thank you for your amazing compassion and interest in following Cherrys story.

Jasmine xxx

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2 thoughts on “Cherry’s Rescue Video & Our Continuing Journey”

    1. What we learnt is that if we could have accessed the right support on day one we could have found her that same day xxx

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