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If you’ve lost your dog we’re here to help, we provide access to experienced groups of volunteer search and rescue groups located through the UK, with experienced tracker dogs, trapping teams,amateur and professional drone operators.

We advise on how to direct your social media campaign to maximise your chances of getting your dog back fast.

What Can We Help With

Remember there’s is no access to emergency services for a lost dog, mountain rescue, the police, the coast guard can only guarantee to help when human life is at risk, so unless they happen to be in the area you are pretty much in the hand’s of Britain’s volunteers groups or paid for services.

We provide guidance and help with

  • Registering your dog with doglost.
  • Getting wanted posters printed
  • Distributing posters around the lost dogs area
  • co-coordinating or leading a search party
  • Loan of waterproof clothing and equipment, torches, rescue equipment.
  • Communications, getting you access to Rspca centres, dog wardens, local kennels, and local Farmers around the search area
  • Provide a responsible Drone Pilot for searches in hard to reach or treacherous area’s.
  • Locating a Caving or Mountaineering club.
  • Provide help with tracker dogs or blood hounds
  • Provide Volunteer search groups with local knowledge of the landscape and area.
  • Help direct a a social media campaign

Why We Started This Site

We Started this site after the experience of loosing and rescuing our own dog Cherry who was rescued by a drone having been lost down a hole on a Welsh Mountain for over a week read the full story here..

Quick Links

You’ll find our main items under “Help” in the menu.

However, heres some quicks links to help.

  • First Steps to take when your dog is lost, a guide to the best techniques to find your dog
  • Map Of Resources show the amount and type of help we have registred closest to you, if you dont see any don’t be put off fill in the request for help form here and we will see what we can do
  • Request Help, this is your first port of call to recruit a volunteer search party,